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For the straight, unadulterated, constitutional facts -
regarding the Republic of Texas' Elected, Declared Independent

then Internationally Recognized, de jure 10th Congress ad interim Government



Republic of Texas', Office of Foreign Affairs, London, UK 

December 2003

 HE Robert Hertner
Ambassador and Consul General

For the Republic of Texas to Europe





Please accept this information as a token of esteem from the 10th Congress government of the Republic of Texas, a sovereign nation illegally occupied by the USA from 1865, as recognised by the same from May 3rd 1997


Further, please find the following (Please advise should you require formal formatted .doc attachments.) for your perusal and be advised that, irrespective of the negative 'secessionist' commentary by the US and its media in denial, this is a constitutionally driven - legal and peaceful - issue.


Insofar as there are illegally entrapped PoW(s) and PP(s) currently held by the US government and/or the de facto state of Texas (plus War Dead - notwithstanding the illicit judicially imposed death penalty and other blatant Human Rights abuses), the URLs for the website of the de jure 10th Congress Government (above) are included for your edification.


The Republic of Texas is a declared neutral nation and should you be interested in liberty plus contemporary history in the making, kindly forward this information to any and all interested parties and please advise at your earliest convenience.




HE Robert Hertner

Ambassador and Consul General for the Republic of Texas to Europe Emailto: 



Republic of Texas 10th Congress Government 

Press Release For Immediate Release 

Republic of Texas Issues Writ of Election 

ATHENS, TEXAS  October 20, 2003 - On September 20, 2003 and October 11, 2003, the Tenth Congress of the Republic of Texas met in Executive Session to consider certain options and resolutions needed to further the Government of the Republic of Texas. Among these considerations was a Writ of Election (Resolution No. 03-002) which was issued by the President and confirmed by the Congress, scheduled for the first Monday in September 2004, as is required by the 1836 Constitution for the Republic of Texas.

This Writ calls for the election of an Executive Branch (President and Vice President), a Legislative Branch (Senate and Representatives) and consideration of the Election or Appointment of the Judicial Branch (Judges). This scheduled election is to be Texas wide to include certain counties in 5 States of the USA, which is the lawfully reclaimed and sequestered property of the Republic of Texas. Another matter of deliberation was Resolution No. 03-003; Provisions of the Writ of Election, which was tabled until the next meeting to allow more reflection and input by each of the members of the Tenth Congress, which has, since its election and certification, operated as a de jure ad Interim Government, following the Guidelines of the 1995 Plans and Powers, including the 1835 Declaration of Independence and the 1836 Constitution, as laid down by the Founders of the Republic of Texas Upon further deliberation centered on longevity and authority of the Tenth Congress, it was learned that there is no provision within any of the organic documents of the Republic of Texas to limit the terms of Officers of the Tenth Congress, operating as a de jure ad Interim Government.  

The Congress discussed and approved a Resolution to schedule a Congressional Session for the second Saturday of each month until the conclusion of the Election in 2004. This was done to provide the People of Texas opportunity to meet and see their Representatives in action. The next meeting will be held on November 8, 2003 in Temple, Texas at the Travelodge Inn. Travelodge is located on I-35 at exit 302. The meeting will begin at 10 AM in the Alamo Room and is open to all Texians. 

More can be learned by visiting the web site of the Republic of Texas at by contacting the Office of the President via or the Office of Foreign Affairs.



For the straight, unadulterated, constitutional facts -

regarding the Republic of Texas' Elected, Declared Independent then

Internationally Recognized, de jure *ad interim* 10th Congress Government


Republic of Texas

Tenth Congress


Sitting as a General CouncilIn Time of War and Emergency 

October 11, 2003 Resolution No. 03-002  

Re: Writ of Election

 Whereas, Texas Citizens did initiate the Texas Liberation Movement effort by the Initiative and Petition of June 9, 1995, which did result in the representation of delegates from among Texans at a Convention of the 12th and 13th of December 1995; and Whereas, the Republic of Texas was recovered from dormancy on December 12 and 13, 1995, in Bulverde, Texas, by a Political Convention as the successor-in-interest to the 1861 Convention which was lawfully ordered by Chief Justice John S. Roberts, the 1860 Texas Legislature, and approved by the Governor, and did organize and formulate the limited powers delegated to the Second Provisional Government, in the nature of a General Council; and Whereas, a breach in the General Council occurred wherein about one half of the Officers seceded and formed another group, which eventually lead to yet another separation when the remaining President Lowe violated his Oath of Office by holding meetings without the required quorum to do business, while either refusing or neglecting to fill vacancies within the General Council; and Whereas, due to the lack of quorum, Vice President Steven Craig Crear, as Acting President, issued a Writ of Election to fill vacancies as is required by the 1836 Constitution and the 1995 Plans and Powers, which occurred on April 19, 1997; and Whereas, the Election of April 19, 1997 established the Interim Government of the Republic of Texas as the Tenth Congress, successor in interest to the Ninth (9th) Congress sitting as a General Council, who certified the quorum and the Presidency in the 162nd Year of the Republic of Texas and finalized the sine dei sun setting of the Second Provisional Government; and  Whereas, the Tenth Congress and Presidency of the Republic of Texas re-certified the Eminent Domain Claim to the Territory of Texas and its de jure sovereign jurisdiction per Article 2 of the Boundary Treaty of April 25, in the 3rd year of the Republic 1838, expressly and irrevocably recognizing the Republic of Texas by the USA (5 U.S. Stat 511 in force as of October 13, 1838 and unabrogated to date) pursuant to the Law of Nations (per Vattel) and expressly politically re-recognizing the Republic of Texas Government by then Speaker of the U.S. House of Congress Gingrich on the 30th of April in the 161st year of the Republic 1996, as found in the Congressional Record of the 104th Congress of the USG, 2nd Session, Vol. 142, No. 57, p. H4304 Petitions, Etc; and Whereas, since there is no provision within any of the organic documents of the Republic of Texas to limit the terms of the Officers of the General Council, the Tenth Congress, as an interim Government, has maintained the status and standing of the only Official and authorized de jure Government operating upon the soil of the Republic of Texas, and shall maintain this status and position until the provisions of this Writ of Election are fulfilled throughout the entire borders of Texas, including those counties in the five other States of the U.S.A. that are lawful territory of the Republic of Texas, which have been reclaimed and sequestered under the law of nations; and Whereas, since the next logical step to self determination and full governance is to elect lawful Representatives and Senators to fulfill the requirements of the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution; now Therefore, Pursuant to the Original Acts of the Davis Mountains Land Commission of June 9, 1995, in International agreement with the Convention of the Second Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas of December 12 and 13, 1995, and the continuing acts of petition and referendum executed on February 9, 1997 and March 3, 1997, under authority of an International Agreement and Terms of Cease Fire , dated May 3, 1997, and in conformity with the 1835 Plans and Powers of the Republic of Texas, the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution, and other organic Documents, the Tenth Congress of the Republic of Texas, as Holder in Due Course of the 1861 Secession Government and the sole Secured Party of the Eminent Domain Claim to Title of Texas, in order to preserve continuity of Law and Government, I, Lawrence Allen McDaniel, President of the Republic of Texas, with the advice and consent of the General Council, hereby issue this Writ of Election. Pursuant to Article I, Section 3, of the original organic document, which created the Government of the Republic of Texas, the 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas, this election shall be conducted on the first Monday of September 2004  _______________________________________Lawrence Allen McDanielPresident, Republic of Texas.



The above Resolution NO. 03-002 was presented to the General Council of the Tenth Congress in Congress assembled, sitting in time of War, under rules of Emergency, with a full quorum of members present to accomplish this task. I hereby affirm that this Resolution was passed in accordance with the established Laws of the Republic of Texas, this date: October 11, 2003.


_________________                  ___________________

Judy Scott                                          Witness

Secretary of the Council

Republic of Texas


The Republic of Texas' Office of Foreign Affairs London, UK 

HE Robert Hertner

Ambassador and Consul GeneralFor the Republic of Texas to Europe

Robert Hertner - privately an author, filmmaker and historian - is a London resident since the mid 1980s.   His research over the past six years has revealed much that previously unchallenged isolationist 'official' US history fails to mention - much less address - especially regarding matters of International Law and Legal Jurisdiction dating from before the US un-civil non-declared 'war'.  

In early May 1997, he became the first - and sworn as true - emissary for the Republic of Texas to Europe since the 1800s. HE was duly appointed by the Executive of the elected and seated Tenth Congress government of the Republic of Texas as of April 19th 1997 - subsequently Internationally recognized on May 3rd, 1997 by the USA inc. and its de facto 'state;' of Texas inc. - through a signed, witnessed by a lawyer, sworn as true in open Court - Cease Fire / Substantive Treaty between representatives of the Republic of Texas government with the USA and various state government officials.   

Subsequently HE received considerable: press, radio and TV coverage, delivered an address before the Oxford Union Debating Society and has been invited to address the Bar Human Rights Committee regarding PoWs, Political Prisoners and the death penalty illegally imposed by the 'state' of Texas upon foreign nationals.  

Regarding His completely unexpected appointment (under Exequatur, i.e. - NOT requiring a Home Office generated Letter Agrement - i.e.  prior approval - due to the vacancy of the Head of Mission for over 100 years), HE says, "Clearly the Republic of Texas is one of the few examples - in law - able to lead the USA's  50 odd occupied colony 'states', out of the never-ending military occupation imposed by Washington DC from the 1860s.

Further, as a neutral nation, the Republic of Texas is not anti-American, but rather desires to lead both sovereign Texas and the USA to limited constitutional governance - as originally intended."  

Concerning said appointment as a diplomat, HE said, ''Though it is not mandatory to address one as (Your) Excellency, one doesn't mind''.


HE Robert Hertner

Ambassador and Consul General

For the Republic of Texas to Europe


By Robert Hertner, Copyright, ©, 2003, all rights reserved.

Permission to electronically forward or re-post, in tact, granted.


The Daily Telegraph

15 April 2004

Remember the Alamo

Re: Colonial America - Telegraph
15 April 2004

Sir — Rather uncharacteristically, Mark Steyn (Comment, Apr 13) has made an ill-informed assumption in contending that Hawaii is not an American colony.

Several perpetual treaties dating from 1838 reveal that both sovereign
Texas and the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii are held as captive occupied colonies of the United States, in clear violation of said outstanding treaties and the UN charter (plus Articles. II, IV & VI of  the US constitution itself).

In illegally attacked and invaded
Iraq, so-called "reconstruction" costs are actually war reparations for the invasion thereof. Those of Texas and Hawaii are still due. The exploitation of occupied nations — such as the sale of Texas oil at half-price to the United States for more than 50 years, the detonation of the first thermonuclear device on Republic of Texas soil in 1945, the taxation of Texas and Hawaii, and the conscription of soldiers from both, while being run by imposed Vichy-style governments — is, by definition, colonialist imperialism.

Robert Hertner, Ambassador to Europe for the Republic of Texas, London W10

London Telegraph Item